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Artisan grooming products
Templeton Tonic

Templeton Tonic is a blend of five natural oils that work together to break down pomade buildup, condition the hair, and rejuvenate the scalp. The light oils are absorbed quickly by the hair without leaving behind oily residue, and leave the hair feeling light, soft, and healthy.  2 fluid ounces

Black Kraken

Black Kraken is a limited edition, matte finish, high volume styling clay that gives a resilient, highly texturized style. It scoops and applies easily and sets in place to give your hair a dry finger-combable feeling. With a firm hold, it still washes out incredibly easily and the highly conditioning conditioning ingredients nourish your hair. 4 ounces

Compass Pomade

Compass Pomade is perfect for working with your hair, not against it. It's a slick, medium hold unorthodox water-based pomade, and is designed to stay workable throughout the day without drying or firming up. 4 ounces

Summit Pomade

Summit Pomade is a creamy, firm holding water-based pomade that will give you an all day hold while still remaining workable and soft in your hair. It's a very unique pomade, but you can expect a solid hold and a medium shine from it.  The conditioning ingredients will leave your hair feeling soft and nourished. 4 ounces

Atlas Pomade

Atlas Pomade is a firm holding petrolatum based pomade that is ultra-conditioning, nearly effortless to scoop and apply, and much easier to wash out than the average oil based pomade. It gives a medium shine along with a solid, reliable hold that should keep you looking sharp all day long. 4 ounces


Artisan grooming products

Handmade in the Pacific Northwest