Artisan grooming products

Handmade in the Pacific Northwest

Templeton Tonics is a business that grew out of a passion for quality, handmade grooming products.  

A few years ago, I noticed how many chemicals there were in the hair products I saw for sale on the shelves of grocery stores and beauty salons.  I couldn't pronounce most of them, and upon doing some research, I realized that many of these chemicals actually cause a lot of the problems men and women have with their hair and scalp.  I started looking for more natural alternatives to the store bought cosmetics, and realized that some of the best products the market has to offer are actually made by hand, right out of someone's kitchen.  It wasn't long before I started messing around with some of my own formulations and trying to make products for my own personal use.  Once I realized that these products actually had some unique properties and excelled at certain things that a lot of other products in the "homebrewer" market didn't, I knew I was on to something.  I spent hours upon hours researching the specific nutrients our hair needs to be as healthy as it could be, and what ingredients were the best sources of these nutrients.  After a few months of formulating and testing, I was finally ready to sell my first product.  My pride and joy.  Templeton Tonics, a blend of five natural oils that help restore nutrients to the hair and scalp while breaking down pomade buildup and keeping everything feeling light and manageable.  

My second product, Compass Pomade, is designed to have the same conditioning properties as my tonic, but in the form of a slick, easy to use, medium holding pomade.  It breaks down into a creamy texture that makes styling a breeze, stays soft in the hair, and washes out nice and easy the next day.  Use Compass by itself for a lighter medium hold, or on top of other pomade to style, condition, and breakdown buildup all in one slick motion.